We help companies be the one employees never want to leave

Our Focus

We focus on the development of people and the progress that brings.

How We Do It

Using our proven process, we customize and implement a plan for each client from our list of training and consulting services.  Because one size does not fit all.

The Founding of Retention Architects

In 2017, Colene Rogers left the security of working for others, and started her own company.  It was clear that her career aspirations lay outside the scope of what could be accomplished in the employment of others.  Her certification as a John Maxwell Leadership Trainer and coach, along with her SHRM-SCP and PHR Human Resource certifications, provided the credentials to attract clients.

Immediately, she began to speak to chapters of the Society of Human Resources around her home state of Florida.  It helped that she had served as President of the Big Bend SHRM, winning the 2016 HR Florida President of the Year, out of 28 statewide chapters.  When HR directors and others heard her message on leadership, they hired Colene to come and train the leaders and teams in their organizations.

And something started to brew.  In her previous years in HR, Colene had spent much of her time specializing in talent recruitment.  She was very familiar with the challenge of not only finding qualified candidates to fill positions, but keeping them as well.  She knew well the frustration of watching a talented employee leave, whom she worked so hard to find.  And all too often it was because of the supervisor.  It didn't take long, and the brew was complete.  By developing leaders employees want to follow, Colene would help companies be the one employees never want to leave.

Jim Rogers image

Colene was not alone in this endeavor.  Her husband Jim has been there from the beginning, supportive and excited about the possibility.  From the start, his level of work involvement was gradual but always increasing.

Jim is Colene's right hand man.  First and foremost, as her husband.  That is primary.  But also, as Colene's full-time partner in running the business of Retention Architects.  As Director of Content, nothing makes it into a video, keynote, blog, or workshop without first passing over Jim's desk or originating there.

While Colene is more the face of the company, Jim and Colene together are delivering some of the services that Retention Architects has to offer.

Colene and Jim are certified consultants in the DISC model of Human Behavior.  Together, they train leaders and teams within organizations to achieve high performance through greater interpersonal understanding.

Together, Colene and Jim facilitate the meetings within organizations, that lay the foundation for high performance teams.

Working with Colene and Jim is easy!


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