Retention Architecture is not a one-size fits all proposition. Every organization is unique, in different stages of development, with their own goals and challenges.  Through our proven process, Retention Architects discover and then meet the client at their point of need. 





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Keynote Presentations

Retention: Key Mindsets That Retain Top Talent

Solutions that improve company culture so employees continually say "I want to work here"

When you lose your most talented employees it disrupts leadership, hurts morale, and diminishes productivity.  Companies are looking for solutions, but one person can’t tackle this problem alone, it must be a company-wide initiative. 

In this presentation, based on the book with the same title, attendees learn to identify the dominant mindset employees have about their company and how to positively influence and change their thinking. They learn solutions designed to improve their employees work experience so the employees continually say,  I want to work here.


  • Learn the 4 mindsets that reveal the level of commitment you can  expect from any employee.
  • Discover the true cost of turnover and how to calculate the cost per position
  • Learn the 5 components of Retention Architecture that any company needs to retain more of their employees
  • Learn the 5 desired outcomes produced by Retention Architecture that can transform you into a company employees never want to leave

Leadership is More Than a Title: It’s Influence

Good news! Leadership is a learnable skill. Fail to acquire these skills and your value to any organization will diminish.  Acquire them and your influence will increase, along with your retention rate. Influence is the essence of leadership. 



  • Learn the 4 states of Leadership that most leaders operate from and their distinguishing characteristics.
  • Learn how the triad of self-leadership, relational Leadership, and results-based leadership is the key to becoming a Legacy Leader, the highest form of leadership.
  • Identify the unseen habits that lessen any leaders influence.
  • Discover the necessary ingredient that is the multiplier of influence

Change the Conversation Change the Culture

Be an organization that can talk about issues and resolve them. This allows you to get more work done while keeping more of the employees you work so hard to find.

The ability to resolve issues is very important to the success of any individual or organization. The key is learning how to stay in the conversation until all the relevant facts and opinions are out in the open. 

Attendees will learn skills that give them the confidence to have the difficult conversations in their lives.  When issues are resolved, relationships are preserved and strengthened. 


Waking the Leader Within

For even the most talented individuals, the journey to become an exceptional leader is a challenging one.

This workshop benefits any company that is tired of the employee revolving door because the #1 reason people leave their job is their boss. 

Companies often promote individuals into leadership positions without equipping them to lead others. They were standout individual performers so it is assumed they are the right person to put in charge. But that isn’t always the case. The good news is that leadership is a learnable skill. There is an exceptional leader in all of us. With skilled leadership, your employee are far more likely to stay.

Tough Talk Training

Part of a company’s success is dependent on the way their people handle conversations where there are differences of opinion about an issue that needs to be addressed. Typically, the higher the stakes, the stronger the emotions. 

With training, you can collaborate rather than divide. This allows you to make better decisions while preserving and even strengthening relationships, and keep more of the employees you worked so hard to find. 

There are 2 common responses to conflict, fight or flight. But neither of these ever really resolves the issue.

Workshop attendees learn:

  • To create an environment of mutual respect
  • Techniques to stay in the conversation until all relevant facts and opinions are out in the open 
  • To recognize and disempower false assumptions
  • How to craft an opening statement that fosters collaboration

Retention Talk Training

Distilled to its core, a Retention Talk is a supervisor sitting down with each of his/her direct reports and asking, is there anything I or the company can do to make your job better? Infused with authenticity and backed by action, it is hard to find a better retention tool.

A Retention Talk is a power tool. As with any power tool, a manual is needed on how to best handle for safety and effectiveness. 


  • Learn the definition, purpose, and benefits of Retention Talks
  • Learn the logistics that make the conversation work for the supervisor and the employee
  • Learn the scripted questions to ask and how to then go off-script to find out more
  • Learn the do’s and don’ts to protect the integrity of Retention Talks

DISC for Leaders

No skill is more important to a leader than their ability to influence those they lead with their words and tone. When leaders learn to adapt their communication style to fit the needs of the different personalities on their team, high performance becomes possible. This makes employees want to stay.

DISC reveals that each person is a unique blend of 4 personality styles, and that one of those of styles will be your dominant most natural way of communicating and receiving information. The power comes in understanding yourself and others through your own personalities, then adapting your style to the person or situation to create better relationships and results.

DISC for Teams

Surveys show that poor communication and a lack of collaboration are the biggest contributors to workplace failure. When teams understand their different personality types and the communication styles that go with them, their ability to collaborate and work together greatly improves. This influences employees to stay. 

DISC reveals that each person is a unique blend of 4 personality styles, and that one of those of styles will be your dominant most natural way of communicating and receiving information. The power comes in understanding yourself and others through your own personalities, then adapting your style to the person or situation to create better relationships and results.

Business Consulting

Laying the Foundation for High-Performance

Expecting your leaders to deliver high-performance results when processes are undocumented, and goals remain undefined is expecting too much. 

It isn’t that uncommon, a team of people who would otherwise complement one another, are hamstrung by a poorly built organizational infrastructure. In such cases, high-performance is not even a possibility. 

When a foundation for high-performance is in place, all the lanes are open for achieving big results. 


  • Identify the vision, purpose, and values of the organization which will inform everything you do
  • Implement a system of goal-setting that makes the unthinkable, possible
  • Document all processes to create a powerful system of accountability
  • Identify key metrics that keep you running at a high level
  • A system to find and retain the people who fit the vision

Retention Architecture - Installation

It is rarely for just one reason that employees decide to stay and work for you. Typically, there are many. Retention Architecture addresses the many so that you can be the company employees never want to leave.

There are 5 pillars in Retention Architecture: Talent Acquisition, Leadership Development, Communication, Talent Development, and HR Best Practices.

Retention Architecture produces 5 desired outcomes:

  1. Find and hire the right people for the right seats
  2. Develop trusted leaders employees want to follow
  3. Candid communication that resolves issues and keeps you competitive
  4. Increased employee engagement
  5. HR practices that keep you out of court

Human Strategic Consulting

Hoping you are HR compliant is not a business strategy. Remove the risk of losing everything you have worked for by scheduling an audit today
  • HR Audit
  • Policy and Procedure Development and Revision
  • Employee Compliance Investigation
  • FLSA Audit
  • Internal Investigations
  • Employee Classifications
  • Personnel Files Review
  • I-9 Compliance

’Retention Architecture Plus

This is the combination of Retention Architecture and Laying the Groundwork for High Performance.


Leadership Based Executive Coaching

Top performers seek feedback and accountability to reach the top and stay there.

Executive coaching has become popular with CEO’s, leaders, entrepreneurs and managers. Because it works! 

Often people are promoted into leadership positions because they were accomplished individual performers. At that point a new skill set is required as they realize it is one thing to lead themselves, and something altogether different to lead others.

People who receive coaching report many benefits such as increased self-confidence, improved work performance, more effective communication skills, and better relationships. With such results it makes sense that companies receive more in return than the money they invest in coaching their leaders.